[mythtv-users] HDTV Picture in Picture

Todd Ignasiak ignasiak at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 19:12:13 EDT 2005

I just added a second HD receiver card to my MythTV box.  To test both
receivers, I opened up a Picture-in-Picture window.   It was close,
but it was a bit beyond my Athlon64 3200+'s capabilities.  It was
stuttering a bit on pans and dropping some frames.

Has anyone else done PiP with two HD streams?  What kind of horsepower
is needed?
I suppose this would be a good job for a dual core system.

A few questions/thoughts that I had on this are:

- Can XvMC accelerate both video streams?  I have an NVidia FX5200
card, with XvMC enabled, is it benefitting both channels?

- Are the VIA / S3 Unichrome video chips available as standalone
cards, rather than just integrated into chipsets?   Or, do any of the
other S3 cards that support the full MPEG2 decoding?   These could
greatly reduce the horsepower needed for decoding two streams.

- Any other things to look into for MPEG2 acceleration?
   I noticed that mplayer, with XvMC, has quite a bit lower CPU
utilization than MythTV.
   How about x86-64 mode,  apparently ffmpeg is optmimized for x86-64,
is there anything like this available, or in the works, for MythTV?

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