[mythtv-users] Archiving Shows to DVD

Niels Dybdahl niels.dybdahl at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 16:57:41 EDT 2005

>       My Myth box seems to have achieved a high Child Acceptance Factor (WAF
> not quite so good!) but unfortunately my disk is now filling up rapidly with
> cartoon shows which need to be watched repeatedly and never deleted!
>       Is there a straightforward way to transfer shows to DVD in a sensible
> format for viewing on DVD players, etc.    My recordings are from DVB-T in
> TS format.  I have tried transcode, but it fails to run with the out-of-the
> box Myth settings (Myth 0.18.1 atrpms)

I use Nero to transfer to DVD format. As long as the recording is in
MPEG2, I can manage the whole process with Nero.
Usually I do not burn MPEG4s to DVD format. If I have to, I export the
recording with nuvexport to DIVX and use Nero.
I have bad experiences with generating MPEG2 with nuvexport (and I
suppose nuv2disc would give the same results). Bad recordings do not
keep audio and video in sync (probably because the MPEG2 generator in
nuvexport does not handle the internal timestamps correctly). nuv2avi
has the same problem.
So for storage of MPEG4 on DVD discs I have started using nuvexport
with nuv+sql export (which just copies the nuv file - fast).
I can view the resulting nuv files directly on my MythTV PCs and with
dsmyth and ZoomPlayer I can also watch them on Windows PCs and they
are easy to copy back to MythTV. But of course they do not play on
ordinary DVD players.

Niels Dybdahl

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