[mythtv-users] Configure Remote (mplayer and TV PlayBack)

Steve Nuffer nuffersp at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 28 15:52:21 EDT 2005

I believe I understand the relationship between the /etc/lircrd.conf and the mythtv userís .lircrc file.

MythWeb configuration then defines the different keystrokes for each section within myth.

Iím guessing that lirc will also send all keystrokes to every application when the remote button is pushed since ití doesnít really know which application you want.

My confusion is the difference between ďTV PlayBackĒ and the definitions within the mythtvís .lircrc file for mplayer and xine playback

If Iím using mplayer to play live TV or a recording, how does that relate to the ďTV PlayBackĒ?  Which one takes precedence?  Both are used?


Hit "Menu" Button on remote will send the following:
MythTV  :  m (Global Pop-up Menu)
mplayer : osd (On Screen Display)
Xine       : RootMenu

If Iím watching a recorded program and press the Menu button on the remote, what happens with the above configuration?  MythTV opens a Pop-up Menu and mplayer opens its own OSD?


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