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Thu Jul 28 15:25:47 EDT 2005

The point it, you need to pay for Windows to use Windows software.  Being  
the poor, law-obiding citizen I am, I haven't had a computer with Windows  
for about 3 years (since I moved out of my parents' house).

If anyone knows of a good package for creating DVDs on Linux, I'd love to  
hear of it.  I currently use K3B, but I burn the raw .avi files, as my  
standalone DVD player will play them.  Of course, that means I can have  
about half a dozen feature-length films on a single-layer disc, which is  

Perhaps that's your better option - my player's made by a company called  
Crystal and I think it's the DVX-??? model.  It was 30, but I'm afraid I  
don't recall the web site.

Hope this helps someone!


On Thu, 28 Jul 2005 20:08:53 +0100, Kevin Kuphal <kuphal at dls.net> wrote:

> Stuart Morgan wrote:
>> On Thu 28 July 2005 19:55, Kevin Kuphal wrote:
>>> No one ever wants to hear it, but Windows.  I have no problems making
>>> DVDs from my shows by processing them with a combination of VirtualDub
>>> and Nero on my Windows machine.
>> Not everyone wants to pay 60+ on Windows just to create DVDs -  
>> especially when it can be done for nothing with existing linux software.
> Well, I don't know of a DVD burner that doesn't come with software for  
> free (which is how I got Nero) and VirtualDub is free as well.  And if  
> it is so easy to do with linux software, we wouldn't see quite so many  
> questions about this simple process.
> Kevin
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