[mythtv-users] 6200 Firewire issues

Mario Limonciello mario.mailing at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 13:00:18 EDT 2005

Gambit Declined wrote:

>On 4/12/05, Chris Nelson <crnelson at gmail.com> wrote:
>>Hello All,
>>I've been using MythTV for a while now with a pvr-250 and it's been
>>exceedingly stable, however I've recently got a 6200 cable box from
>>Adelphia so I figured I'd check out the firewire support.  Since I've
>>started that I'm running into nothing but trouble.  I've tried 0.17
>>and the latest cvs version.
>>I can dump video from the box with no issues with test-mpeg2, and
>>change channels with 6200ch so I'm sure the box is connected
>>correctly. When I try to record a progrem with myth, or watch live TV
>>I usually get a bit of video (anywhere from a few frames, to maximum 1
>>minute) and then the recording will stop.  I see messages like the
>>following in the backend log
>>2005-04-12 07:10:05.839 Firewire: No Input in 15 seconds [P:0 N:2] (select)
>>After this happens the backend still thinks it's recording, but no
>>more data is being captured.  When the program is supposed to end I
>>get the standard Finished Recoding message in the log, but there's
>>only that small inital bit of data in the file.
>>Additionally if trying to watch Live TV changing channels usually
>>fails and the frontend either locks up, or drops back to the main menu
>>after ~ 30 seconds of a black screen
>Sorry for the long quote, but I didn't see a soluation in this thread.
>I'm having the same problems. However, I do have a bit of a twist. My
>Mythtv box will always change the channel, but won't always record the
>show. It reports that it has recorded it, but it is a 0 length file.
>The really weird part is that it will record 1 out of 3 shows via
>firewire, but miss the other two. Anyone have any ideas?
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Possibly the show you are trying to record has protections enabled (or
possibly the channel).  Try a show that you know doesn't record.  Just
use test-mpeg2 to try to manually record it into a temporary directory
and see what happens.

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