[mythtv-users] Possible to manually add QAM channel information? (Success)

Brian Merrill bmerrill at sfcn.org
Thu Jul 28 02:53:17 EDT 2005

Hey thanks for the suggestion.  I finally got my QAM channels set up 
correctly  thanks to your suggestion to use mysqlcc to edit the tables.  
Being the  novice that I am, turns out I wasn't matching up the mplexid 
correctly with the freqid.  Such is the learning process I guess.  But 
with a fresh view on the world so to speak it all I managed to get it 
straightened out.  And using the patched mythweb and the excellent, 
detailed information from the previous posts I now have all the QAM 
channels from my squirrely cable provider set up in Myth.  Thanks again 
to everybody.


Byron Poland wrote:

>When I had to set up my mysql db to merge my OTA HD channel scan with
>the channels from zap2it, I used a program called mysqlcc which made
>editing the tables, and looking through stuff a breeze.  A while ago I
>messed with the QAM stuff, but I think comcast was messing with stuff
>at the same time, so I never got anywhere.  best of luck.
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