[mythtv-users] hdtv from a cable box

BP lists at qucae.com
Thu Jul 28 01:11:45 EDT 2005

tgate wrote:

> But specifically, are you able to archive premium channels such as HBO,
> etc...?  Will it also archive non-HD signals the same way?  Is the
> signal that comes over the firewire a uncompressed stream of some sort
> or is it in the original format from the provider?
Up to about two weeks ago, I was able to receive every channel over
firewire including HBO (std and hd).  Since Comcast made a change, I can
now only receive the local HD channels.  Nothing else works at all, not
even the local broadcast channels.  Firewire was a great solution while
it lasted.  I am not sure if it is something I would plan a MythTv
system around.  Different areas probably have different results.  I
assume they're working on locking it down everywhere though.

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