[mythtv-users] which tuner card to add for OTA + VCR?

Mark fairlane at springcom.com
Wed Jul 27 20:30:53 EDT 2005

Dylan Keon wrote:

>I've been using a pair of PVR-250s with analog cable for close to two
>years now and they've worked great.  I'd like to add a third tuner
>card to capture OTA signals since the quality of our local channels on
>cable blows.  I'd also like to use that card to manually record input
>from VCR tapes.
>Some questions:
>1)  When connecting a VCR to my mythtv box, does the audio out from
>the VCR need to connect to the tuner card input or the sound card
>input?  If the answer is "tuner card" then I would lean toward an MCE
>card since they have the RCA jacks for audio in.  I already have a
>non-MCE card with the IR receiver working.
>2)  Would you recommend replacing one of my current PVR-250s with the
>PVR-500, or keeping my two PVR-250s and adding a third?  The PVR-500
>would need to have three inputs connected to it: analog cable, OTA
>feed, and VCR.  From the pictures it looks like the PVR-500 MCE could
>handle that, but I'm guessing I'd have to be careful of conflicts.
>I've also considered going the HDTV tuner card route, but think I'll
>stick with regular TV for now.
Boy, that's a timely question.  I just added a third card to my system, 
and have been wondering how to add
a VCR input to the old BT878 card.  I haven't figured out a good way to 
do it yet, so I'm hoping you get
some good responses.

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