[mythtv-users] [OT] UPS's and 24x7 MythBoxen...

Paul Pick paul.pick at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 18:50:35 EDT 2005

> i'm using ext3 on system partitions and
> XFS on all others so i 'should' be safe (as safe as can be).  but
> since i haven't had to deal with system shutdowns on a system i
> 'cared' about in the past i wanted to be sure and double check the
> partitions for any damage.  so far things have started up clean with
> no problems.  i think most of the mature journaling filesystems are
> probably pretty good in this respect.

When I setup my most recent mythbox, I set all the non-volatile
partitions (/, /boot, /usr) to use synchronous writes, further reducing
the risk of corruption. It hasn't hurt performance at all (after all, I
don't write to these partitions very often) and it gives me another
0.01% chance of having a bootable system, so why not?

If you were really keen, you could mount some partitions read-only
and remount them read-write only when you want to change 

There's not a lot you can do with the XFS partition. Obviously,
it's going to be busy, so you're bound to lose some data if
you get a bump. On the other hand, it's just data living there
and your system will survive it's loss.

BTW: I'll second the opinion that apcupsd is better than the 
         apc power* software.

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