[mythtv-users] pvr-250, distortion on 1 channel

Mark Staudinger mark at mark.staudinger.net
Wed Jul 27 11:08:52 EDT 2005

I have one channel that consistently gives me distortion.  I 
record "Smallville" on ABC Family.  Without fail, very bright areas with 
defined edges have many small black horizontal lines.  These lines are 
relatively short, and they seem to swarm or flicker around the affected area.

I've tried decreasing both the brightness and color saturation in the 
settings for this channel, but the overall picture suffers while the 
artifacts seem to persist.

I've included two short clips (1.3M and ~720K) in case anyone can identify 
possible causes.  



I'm capturing at a resolution of 592x432 with DVD-Special 2 @ 5000/7500 
bitrate.  I have cropped the recording to 576x432 and a lower bitrate for the 

I'd appreciate any tips or suggestions.



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