[mythtv-users] mplayer still not in focus

Donavan Stanley geckofiend at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 09:01:46 EDT 2005

On 7/25/05, Mike Green <mikey at linuxwiz.org> wrote:
> I understand that to be the case.  However, I don't want to run a window
> manager just to get mplayer to behave correctly.  My previous setup was a
> dual 400MHz PII - adding a window manager to the mix added unnecessary
> complexity and maintenance.  I squeezed it for every ounce of memory and
> CPU :)

You're willing to run a seperate X session...  Sorting top byt memory
consumption shows my window manager (ratpoison) consuming less memory
than the script I use to launch the frontend.
> Regardless, it seems to me that it should work correctly without one.

So what you're saying is we should build a window manager into myth so
that you don't have to run a window manager?

> Requiring a window manager to manage a full screen app seems sloppy.  

Except that's not what you're bitching about.  You're complaining
about not managing to full screen apps.  (which is really two windows)
which is one of the primary functions of....  a window manager.

> Heck, someday I would like to get rid of X completely use embedded QT.  The
> entire X windowing system along with a window manager is overkill for a
> single purpose pvr/media box.

Yes, it's such waste it justifies the massive development effort to do
away with X.  We look forward to your patch,

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