[mythtv-users] Mythweb patch to add more fields for editing QAM channels

Todd Ignasiak ignasiak at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 04:43:09 EDT 2005

I don't know what the scope of mythweb is, or if there are other plans
for solving the issues involved with QAM channel configurations.  
This may or may not be usefule for general inclusion, but, several of
us were having difficulties in configuring QAM channels that were not
recognized in a channel scan.  So I wanted to post the patch in case
others can use it.

Basically, I added a few fields to the mythweb channel configuration
page, to make updating some channel settings easier.  The added
variables are:

xmltvid:  Not directly related to QAM configs.  But, the xmltv
listings had different channel numbers than what showed up in channel
scans.  So, manually assiging the right xmltvid to the scanned channel
was useful.

mplexid:  This refers to the entry in the "dtv_multiplex" table, where
the frequencies for the scanned channels are defined.  So, if InHD is
on channel 105, which is 681000000Hz, you find the dtv_multiplex entry
for 681000000, and use that mplexid in the channel config.

serviceid: As far as I can tell, this equates to the subchannel in the
transport stream.    e.g. InHD is on 105-1 and InHD2 is on 105-2, so
the serviceid for InHD is 1.

atscsrcid: In the scanned channels, this value is more random.  It may
relate to the PIDs for the audio or video in the transport stream
(that's just a guess).  But, this value seems less important, as I can
tune channels when I leave this value set to 0.

-- The patch was made against the svn rev 6910, from 7/23/05.
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