[mythtv-users] Matching up tv_grab_uk_rt to DVB-T channels

Lee mythtv at varga.co.uk
Wed Jul 27 04:41:22 EDT 2005

The is a field on the database that contains a tag (looks like a url) 
that links that channel to the channel data on the RT website.

Here are some notes I've been keeping (full kudos to Garry Parker) -

Have a look here - 
http://www.kswindells.34sp.com/freeview/show.php/channels   - to see the 
Freeview channel


mkdir /uk           <---temp dir to dump work files into
cd /uk
wget http://www.parker1.co.uk/mythtv/updatedvb
wget http://www.parker1.co.uk/mythtv/xmltv.dat

pico xmltv.dat          <--- add the channel/xmltv mappings for your 
local BBC1/BBC2/ITV1 area

chmod 766 updatedvb
./updatedvb -r

to check that the table has been updated correctly
echo "select chanid,channum,callsign,xmltvid from channel" | mysql -D 
Now you need to create the /root/.xmltv/tv_grab_uk_rt.conf file

echo "select xmltvid from channel" | mysql -D mythconverg > 

pico /root/.xmltv/tv_grab_uk_rt.conf

and insert the word "channel" and a space in front of each of the lines.
save the file and exit
Making the Mythfilldatabase & tv_grab automatically run via cron

In the MythTV uncheck the box to auto run Mythfilldatabase

pico /etc/cron.daily/mythtv-backend     and comment out all the lines

Create a new file
pico /etc/mythfill-1
containing these two lines -
su mythtv -c "tv_grab_uk_rt --config-file 
/root/.xmltv/tv_grab_uk_rt.conf > /tmp/rt.xml"
Create another new file
pico /etc/mythfill-2
containing these two lines -
su mythtv -c "mythfilldatabase --quiet --no-delete --file 1 0 /tmp/rt.xml"

then chmod the files to make them executable
chmod 755 /etc/mythfill-1
chmod 755 /etc/mythfill-2

pico /etc/crontab
add these lines at the end
45 01   * * *   root    /etc/mythfill-1
59 01   * * *   root    /etc/mythfill-2

And reboot


>Hello all,
>I've set up a MythTV backend to use with MiniMyth as a front end.  The
>back end has a single DVB-T card and I'm operating in the UK.
>All seems to work pretty well, but I'm not sure how to get the listings
>from the Radio Times website to be matched up against the DVB-T
>channels.  I've gone through the documented setup process (twice in fact
>- I did it again from scratch in case I'd missed something) but I seem
>to end up with two independent sets of channels in my MySQL database -
>one set produced from scanning on the DVB-T card and one from the list
>provided by the Radio Times.  For example, in my Program Guide (and on
>the mythweb page, which is where I've directly grabbed it from) I have:
>		08:15		08:30
>2		No data
>2		Bring it on	Jackie Chan
>3		No data
>1043		GMTV Today
>In each case, the first channel of the pair seems to have been inserted
>into the database by the DVB-T scan as part of the MythTV setup and the
>second has been produced by mythfilldatabase from the output of
>tv_grab_uk_rt.  What do I modify to get the system to realise that the
>listings match the DVB-T channels?
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