[mythtv-users] Matching up tv_grab_uk_rt to DVB-T channels

John Winters john at sinodun.org.uk
Wed Jul 27 04:17:16 EDT 2005

Hello all,

I've set up a MythTV backend to use with MiniMyth as a front end.  The
back end has a single DVB-T card and I'm operating in the UK.

All seems to work pretty well, but I'm not sure how to get the listings
from the Radio Times website to be matched up against the DVB-T
channels.  I've gone through the documented setup process (twice in fact
- I did it again from scratch in case I'd missed something) but I seem
to end up with two independent sets of channels in my MySQL database -
one set produced from scanning on the DVB-T card and one from the list
provided by the Radio Times.  For example, in my Program Guide (and on
the mythweb page, which is where I've directly grabbed it from) I have:

		08:15		08:30
2		No data

2		Bring it on	Jackie Chan

3		No data

1043		GMTV Today

In each case, the first channel of the pair seems to have been inserted
into the database by the DVB-T scan as part of the MythTV setup and the
second has been produced by mythfilldatabase from the output of
tv_grab_uk_rt.  What do I modify to get the system to realise that the
listings match the DVB-T channels?


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