AW: [mythtv-users] Can't connect to database

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Wed Jul 27 03:12:17 EDT 2005

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Subject: AW: [mythtv-users] Can't connect to database
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 10:53:21 +0200

Yes, mysql is running and I can access it but I have to add -p to the end of the command line otherwise I get this error :
ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root at localhost' (using password NO).
If I then input my password I get access.

I have the following at /usr/share/doc/mythtv-0.18.1/database/mc.sql:

CREATE DATABASE mythconverg;
GRANT ALL ON mythconverg.* TO mythtv at localhost IDENTIFIED BY "mythtv";
GRANT CREATE TEMPORARY TABLES ON mythconverg.* TO mythtv at localhost IDENTIFIED BY "mythtv";

It seems that the actual database either does not exist or is not seen by mysql? I have tried a few other suggestions that I found in various forums etc, but I still have not made any real progress. Have you any other ideas?


> Are you sure, your mysql service is running ?
> Can you connect to the databsae on the command prompt ?
> Open a shell and type in "mysql -u root mythconverg". After that type in
> "show tables;" If you see the list of tables, the database seems to be
> present.
> If you want to reinstall the database do the following steps :
> Open a shell and type in "mysql -u root". Then enter "drop database
> mythconverg;" (This will delete your current mythtv-database). After that
> exit mysql. Now type in "mysql -u root < /path_to_the_file/mc.sql" (will
> create a new empty database)
> if you need more help, give me more details.
> Regards
> Fritz
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> I have got stuck with the database connection. When I run 'mythtvsetup' it
> can't connect. I think that I have corrupted something while following the
> setup instructions. I have spent hours going off at a tangent into the Mysql
> manual to try and check if the password is OK. I am slightly wiser now than
> several days ago but still not smart enough to get this problem resolved. If
> this was 'w*****s'I would remove and then reinstall the Mysql application to
> start over. I have not found out how to do this with Fedora. Can anyone
> suggest what would be the easiest way to solve this problem?
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