[mythtv-users] Unable to set ALSA parameters

Gavin Haslett gavin at nodecaf.net
Tue Jul 26 10:57:04 EDT 2005

Don't know if this helps, but ALSA seems to have some difficulty with certain hardware versions. I don't know the pattern.

Anyway, I have two computers at home with Soundblaster Live cards (one is two years old, the other less than 6 months). Anyway, they both have FC3 installed and they both behave completely differently. The new one works exactly perfectly well, everything as expected. The older one I've found that the mixer controls seem to be mapped completely incorrectly. In order to control master volume, I have to use the Surround Mix slider (master volume slider does nothing). I've done this from a command prompt and the exact thing seems to happen.

This is weird, but not insurmountable. I've also noticed that "alsactl store" sometimes doesn't store the current configuration properly.

ALSA is a good piece of software... but I consider OSS to be more "ready for prime-time" as far as user experience. Average joe user would've reinstalled Windows by now...

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Thanks, David.  I do appreciate the effort.

I don't think it's a permissions problem.  I've set up a mythtv user 
specifically for the purpose of running myth, and that user is in both 
the audio and video groups.  I've run aplay as that user with the 
following command:

aplay -D default <soundfile>

...and it works fine.  I will also note that if I uninstall ALSA and use 
the OSS drivers, and use /dev/dsp as my audio output device, then audio 
playback works great.  I would love to use OSS and scrap ALSA entirely, 
but I'm also using Xine to play DVDs and it doesn't sync audio correctly 
with OSS, so it needs ALSA.

Thanks again for trying, David.  Anyone else have any suggestions?

David Watkins wrote:
> On 26/07/05, Sage <sage at gypsycaravan.com> wrote:
>>I have tried that as well, and I'm still having the same problem.
>>Any other suggestions?
> Not really - I had a fair amount of trouble with ALSA, but once I got
> aplay working then mythtv was a breeze, apart from a bit of
> unscientific fiddling with the mixer to work out which sliders to
> enable.
> If I was in your situation I'd be looking at permissions on the
> devices (are you runing aplay as the same user as mythfrontend?), but
> I'd only be guessing.
> Maybe someone else can help you..
> Good Luck
>>On Jul 26, 2005, at 2:43 AM, David Watkins wrote:
>>>>In MythTV, I have the following settings configured in Utilities/
>>>>Setup -> Setup -> General:
>>>>Audio output device: ALSA:default
>>>>Mixer Device: /dev/mixer
>>>>Mixer Controls: Master
>>>I think your mixer Device should be set to:     default
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