[mythtv-users] mplayer still not in focus

Richard Bronosky mythtv at bronosky.com
Tue Jul 26 20:17:34 EDT 2005

And if that doesn't work for you, try consuming Ratpoison and just get
it over with.

Mike Green wrote:

>Ratpoison SET ME FREE :)
>For those who really don't see the need to run a window manager, but have 
>the mplayer focus issue, give ratpoison a try.  I tried almost every window 
>manager and could not get any of them tweaked just right.
>After installing ratpoison I just added /usr/bin/ratpoison & to my .xinitrc 
>and now it all works flawlessly :)  No config files, no tweaking, it 
>menubars, titles, or borders.  Best of all, using mplayer to watch external 
>videos works without much hassle.
>Thanks guys, I appreciate the pointer.
>One happy camper mythtv owner.
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Thank you for your time,
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