[mythtv-users] BUG ? - displaying Polish national characters

Warpme warpme at o2.pl
Tue Jul 26 14:03:56 EDT 2005

Hi *

I have strange problem with national characters in MythTV.
Distro is KnoppMyth 5A16.

When I fill database from XML file, some of Polish national characters 
are displayed not correctly. But what interesting - not everywhere !

For example:
Going to media library->watch recordings:
-I have properly displayed characters in list of recordings area (upper 
area of screen)
-wrongly displayed on recording description (lower are of screen)

Encoding is UTF-8, and I check XML file under mozilla - all national 
characters are OK in Mozilla.

Where is problem ?

cYa, 3.14iotr/2
Nie ma złych systemów operacyjnych. Może tylko brakować alkoholu !!!
W takiej sytuacji dobry programista wiesza się wraz z programem.... ;-P
Hiroshima'45;   Czernobyl'86;   Windows'95

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