[mythtv-users] [OT] directory structure for myth backend / storage server

Micah.Wedemeyer at gtri.gatech.edu Micah.Wedemeyer at gtri.gatech.edu
Tue Jul 26 13:38:49 EDT 2005


I'm putting together a storage server for my house.  I'd like to
integrate it with the mythbackend, since that seems logical.  I would
like some advice on how to logically set up the directory structures.
I'm not too familiar with the Linux standard directories (like /usr and
/etc) and so am a little confused where to put things.

My main idea is to use most of the disk space as an XFS LVM and mount
that somewhere.  This partition would hold myth recordings, mp3s,
digital photos, and any other type of storage I can think of.  Would it
be logical to place this under the /usr/share directory, like
/usr/share/media or something?


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