[mythtv-users] Unable to set ALSA parameters

Sage sage at gypsycaravan.com
Tue Jul 26 01:40:40 EDT 2005

I am having trouble getting MythTV to work with ALSA.  Here is my  
current setup:

Hardware: PVR-350 for video, and the motherboard has Via VT1612A  
onboard sound.  The PVR-350's audio-out goes directly into the Line- 
In on the sound card.  I am using the PVR-350's tv-out as my main  

Software: I am running Debian 3.1 (Sarge) with the alsa packages  
installed.  I have MythTV compiled with both OSS and ALSA support.

My .asoundrc is as follows:

pcm.via82xx {
         type hw
         card 0

ctl.via82xx {
         type hw
         card 0


In MythTV, I have the following settings configured in Utilities/ 
Setup -> Setup -> General:

Audio output device: ALSA:default
Mixer Device: /dev/mixer
Mixer Controls: Master

If I try to watch tv or any of my recordings, I receive a warning  
that says "Unable to set ALSA parameters", and I am given the option  
to continue without audio or return to menu.

I have tested my ALSA setup by running "aplay -D default <soundfile>"  
from the command line, and the test was successful.  lsmod shows the  
correct driver for my sound card loaded.  ALSA appears to be set up  
correctly.  I am almost certain that I'm missing some crucial setting  
in MythTV, but I don't know what or where.  Can anyone help me?

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