[mythtv-users] mplayer still not in focus

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Mon Jul 25 19:37:06 EDT 2005

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005 16:49:48 -0500
Mike Green wrote:

> On Monday 25 July 2005 04:37 pm, Greg Estabrooks spammed:
> > > No windowmanager.  Why do I need a windowmanager, it is a pvr :)
> >
> >  Because the window manager helps handle which app is in focus.
> > Many people not using a window manager run into focus issues.
> >
> > Even a very small lightweight windowmanager would likely fix your
> > problem.
> I understand that to be the case.  However, I don't want to run a window 
> manager just to get mplayer to behave correctly.  My previous setup was a 
> dual 400MHz PII - adding a window manager to the mix added unnecessary 
> complexity and maintenance.  I squeezed it for every ounce of memory and 
> CPU :)

Yes well I would like to do the same, and agree with your sentiments.
However fluxbox is pretty darned light.

I also tried evilwm, which is lighter still. however I still had focus
issues so I moved "up" to fluxbox.

I understand that openbox has a similar heritage to flux, but I am not
sure which is lighter. i don't propose to change something that is now
working :)

I certainly would have thought that most WM's are lighter than two X
sessions, but I may be wrong on that.

> Now that I have upgraded, at some point I might add a window manager.
> Regardless, it seems to me that it should work correctly without one.  
> Requiring a window manager to manage a full screen app seems sloppy.  Heck, 
> someday I would like to get rid of X completely use embedded QT.  The 
> entire X windowing system along with a window manager is overkill for a 
> single purpose pvr/media box.

Agreed, see above.

Nick Rout

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