[mythtv-users] Force Xv output in mythfrontend?

Stephen Tait tait at digitallaw.co.uk
Mon Jul 25 17:38:01 EDT 2005

I've just set up a new combined front/backend (gentoo, x86 on an AMD 3500 
with an nVidia graphics card via display on a CRT monitor), but the 
frontend seems to default to OpenGL output for video, rather than use Xv as 
I'd prefer (TTBOMK OGL sync is best suited for TV output, which'll be for 
the next frontend I do). It seems to be causing problems in deinterlacing 
the DVB streams no matter what deint option I use.

Is there any way to force mythfrontend to output in Xv? If I compile 
without opengl, will I lose any functionality elsewhere in Myth (like 
MythMusic visualisations)? I did try googling and searching the archives, 
but couldn't find anything definite (esp. as it's difficult not to pull up 
everything about XvMC!).

Thanks for any assistance

S Tait

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