[mythtv-users] IR receiver that only does RC-5

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 25 11:28:47 EDT 2005

I was having problems with my irman and my wireless
keyboard a long time ago, but now that I think a bit
more about it, I think that was before I was using
RC-5 for the remote.  At that time, I was
experimenting with different devices, and I think I
settled on the TiVo codes in my remote (a URC-6131,
which has them).

Whenever I did something on the remote (maybe it was
entering a digit, I don't remember), it seemed that
the keyboard would interpret that as a mute command
(the "|" key), and MythTV would mute.

Anyway, out of desperation, I setup the irman again
over the weekend, and it seems to be working fine with
my remote using RC-5 (so, a new lircd.conf file, but
.lircrc is still the same).

Here's to keeping my fingers crossed...

-- Joe

--- Dan Wilga <dwilga at mtholyoke.edu> wrote:

> >Does anybody know of any IR receivers (serial or
> USB)
> >that only accept something similar to the Hauppauge
> IR
> >receiver?  I just don't want my IR keyboard to
> >interfere with the receiver and cause phantom
> remote
> >control button presses.
> The differences between IR signals, and the
> complexity of an 
> individual keypress, are so huge that there's very
> little chance of 
> there being a conflict between devices. If there
> was, you'd already 
> be noticing problems.
> I suppose there's a slight advantage in processor
> usage to using a 
> receiver that's bound to only one protocol (like
> Hauppauge uses), but 
> from a standpoint of conflicts, there's no reason to
> limit yourself.
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