[mythtv-users] can't change channels on PVR-350

JR Powers-Luhn jrpl at brown-college.org
Mon Jul 25 11:09:48 EDT 2005

some more information, in case anyone feels like they can help us out:

I tried just running ptune-ui and selecting channels with that and got  
some output (that I had previously believed to be from mplayer):

XS_Tk__Callback_Call error:Error:  changeChannel(6) failed!

Tk::Error: Error:  changeChannel(6) failed!
  Tk::Widget::Callback at  
line 1079
  Tk::BrowseEntry::LbChoose at  
BrowseEntry.pm line 296
  Tk::BrowseEntry::ListboxRelease at  
BrowseEntry.pm line 163
  (command bound to event)

Once again, anyone who has any ideas, please drop me a line.  I have no  
idea what I might be doing wrong, and Google searches have not proven  
to be terribly useful.


On Jul 20, 2005, at 10:48 AM, Ijaaz A. Ullah wrote:

> I have the same problem.  I was just about to post a message when I  
> found
> yours.
> I have a 350 and a 250 in my backend.  I just upgraded to FC4 (using  
> apt).
> Prior to this, everything was working properly.  After the upgrade, I  
> am
> able to watch previously recorded programs and access the backend from  
> my
> remote frontend without any issues.
> But, when I try to watch live tv, I can watch one channel (channel 4).  
>  When
> I try to change channels, the guide shows that the channel has changed  
> and
> updates the info, but the channel is stuck.  i.e. if I change to  
> channel 5,
> it shows the program info for chan 5, but the video/audio from channel  
> 4.
> I've tried scheduling recordings for different channels, but I get the
> proper program name, but again, video/audio from channel 4.
> I can not for the life of me find any errors in any logs.
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> Howdy-
> I'm trying to build a MythTV box with a PVR-350 and a pcHDTV tuner
> cards using Fedora Core 3 (mostly following Jared's guide).  I
> installed ivtv version 0.2.0 and could watch and record video, but only
> one channel.  I can't change using myth OR ptune-ui.  Nothing glaringly
> obvious in the logs, but I'm new and could have missed something.
> I tried putting a line in modprobe.conf telling it that I had tuner 47
> (that information gleaned from the logs), but to no avail.
>> Anyone think they can help?  I'm eager to see myth in action.
>> JR
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