[mythtv-users] FIXED - Complete and total crash problems :/

Piers Kittel mythtv at biased.org
Mon Jul 25 05:57:20 EDT 2005

Fixed - was due to either a flaky motherboard or a flaky PSU.

Cheers - Piers

Piers Kittel wrote:
> Hello all,
> Am having big probs with MythTV - when I start mythfrontend, and then 
> try to play back a recording, or watch live TV, it utterly crashes my 
> computer, and it only started last night.  Before last night, it was 
> working just fine.  Only major thing I've done is to upgrade Debian 
> Sarge to Etch but I have not upgraded the kernel (2.4.27, compiled 20th 
> Aug last year, always worked fine with all MythTV versions I've used), 
> not upgraded the video drivers, not changed window manager, not touched 
> the backend/frontend or anything.  When it crashes, the computer just 
> locks up, I can't use the mouse pointer, and on my 2nd monitor, the CPU 
> and network display just freezes and the Caps Lock and Scroll Lock LED 
> comes on my keyboard (on, but doesn't flash) and I'm unable to do 
> anything - ctrl_alt_del doesn't work.  As I'm using MythTV from SVN, I 
> redownloaded the code, compiled it, found the latest SVN is now using 
> protocol version 18, so have upgraded the backend as well.  Still the 
> same problem.  The crash occurs with any recordings I've made.
> I'm totally unable to get any error codes, as when it crashes, the 
> computer is unresponsive and so I'm unable to look at error codes.  I've 
> tried using "mythfrontend > error" but it doesn't work.  I've tried 
> starting playback and then immediately pressing ctrl_alt+F1 and it 
> changes into the console fine, and I wait a long while and it doesn't 
> crash, but when I press ctrl_alt+F7, I get a screen of gibberish text 
> and it's a total lock up.
> I've found that if I start MythTV, start playing back a recording then 
> immediately go to console number 1, then type in "/etc/init.d/gdm 
> restart" it works fine.
> What can be causing this, and how do I get MythTV to output the errors 
> properly?  Nothing else has been affected in any way.
> Thanks very much for your help in advance
> Regards - Piers
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