[mythtv-users] PVR-500 driving me nuts

Petersen Curt petersen.curt at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 20:02:57 EDT 2005

I have the same card.
You should be able to get rid of all of those options strings in your
configuration.  ivtv should be able to auto-detect most things.

This is your big problem:
> ivtv: Error -19 reading Hauppauge eeprom.
> ivtv: Possible causes: the tveeprom module was not loaded, or
> ivtv: the eeprom kernel module was loaded before the tveeprom module.

> cx25840: Unknown parameter `no_black_magic'
You don't need this parameter in your conf options anymore.

> tuner: tuner type not set

Your tuner type isn't being recognized.  It's probably because the
wrong tuner.ko is being used.  I would rename the tuner-ivtv.ko back
to tuner.ko and just (backup and) delete the other tuner.ko module(s).

Try running lsmod to see what modules are loaded and what their
dependencies are.

Try "rmmod ivtv tuner tveeprom" ....etc. to remove all of the
ivtv-related modules.  Then, manually load the tveeprom module by hand
to make sure you're loading the right one.  Then load ivtv.

Good luck.

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