[mythtv-users] mythbackend.log: "backend still changing state, waiting.."

Petersen Curt petersen.curt at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 14:31:01 EDT 2005

Has anyone seen the following message in their mythbackend.log?

"backend still changing state, waiting.."

The message seems to occur between recordings - either at the end of a
previously recorded program or at the beginning of the next.  I can't
tell which yet.  When I do get the message, the backend completely
hangs - no more programs are recorded, frontend(s) stop playback,
mythweb interface stops responding, etc.

I've found that this behavior only occurs when I'm watching recorded
programs on my xbox mythtv frontend.  I was testing the backend by
scheduling non-stop recordings on all three of my capture streams this
morning for 2 hours.  Each show was a half-hour long and all 12 of the
shows recorded perfectly.  After 12 successful recordings, I fired up
my xbox frontend and started watching some of the programs to make
sure they were all good.  At the very next half-hour mark, the backend
finished recording 3 programs, and only one of the following 3 started
up.  Following is a portion of my mythbackend.log with comments.

I get the following messages from watching programs on my xbox:
****** START PASTE ********
2005-07-24 13:29:04.177 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback
2005-07-24 13:29:04.181 adding: xbox.localdomain.local as a client (events: 0)
2005-07-24 13:29:04.201 MainServer::HandleAnnounce FileTransfer
2005-07-24 13:29:04.211 adding: xbox.localdomain.local as a remote file transfer
****** END PASTE ********

Then the madness:
****** START PASTE ********
2005-07-24 13:30:00.002 Finished recording The Suite Life of Zack & Cody on chan
nel: 1030
2005-07-24 13:30:00.002 Finished recording The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mand
y on channel: 1054
2005-07-24 13:30:00.002 Finished recording Fashion Police on channel: 1038
2005-07-24 13:30:00.088 scheduler: Last message repeated 3 times
2005-07-24 13:30:00.100 scheduler: Last message repeated 3 times
2005-07-24 13:30:00.101 scheduler: Last message repeated 3 times
2005-07-24 13:30:00.121 scheduler: Finished recording
2005-07-24 13:30:00.155 scheduler: Finished recording
2005-07-24 13:30:00.156 scheduler: Finished recording
2005-07-24 13:30:00.190 Changing from RecordingOnly to None
2005-07-24 13:30:00.200 Changing from RecordingOnly to None
2005-07-24 13:30:00.218 Changing from RecordingOnly to None
2005-07-24 13:30:02.632 Started recording "Child Stars Gone Bad" on channel: 105
7 on cardid: 3, sourceid 1
2005-07-24 13:30:02.659 scheduler: Schedule Change
2005-07-24 13:30:02.679 backend still changing state, waiting..
2005-07-24 13:30:02.785 Changing from None to RecordingOnly
2005-07-24 13:30:02.839 Using profile 'Default' to record
strange error flushing buffer ...
****** END PASTE ********

When I access mythweb "Recorded Programs":
****** START PASTE ********
2005-07-24 13:30:26.328 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback
2005-07-24 13:30:26.330 adding: homestar as a client (events: 0)
****** END PASTE ********
I wait and get the normal page after awhile, but with no recordings.

I select "Listings" in Mythweb:
****** START PASTE ********
2005-07-24 13:31:30.262 MainServer::HandleAnnounce Playback
2005-07-24 13:31:30.266 adding: homestar as a client (events: 0)
****** END PASTE ********
I get the TV listings page just fine.

I select "Recorded Programs" again:
****** START PASTE ********
2005-07-24 13:31:33.050 waiting for a thread..
2005-07-24 13:31:33.059 waiting for a thread..
2005-07-24 13:31:33.065 waiting for a thread..
****** END PASTE ********

And this message is repeated in the log forever, until I shutdown the
server.  I noticed I do get some commercial flagging activity messages
while the waiting for thread message is repeated.

I'm currently running mythtv-0.18.1-r1 in gentoo portage.  I've also
tried the newer "-r2" version but get the same behavior.  I just
checked out the latest source from the 18.2 branch in subversion and
found the "backend still changing state" message in tv_rec.cpp.  My
plan is to:
1) remove gentoo portage version of mythtv
2) install latest subversion code
3) test and verify that the problem still exists
4) go into the tv_rec class and add status messages before all lines
where changeState private member is modified.
5) run the xbox frontend along with my backend and watch the log while it fails.

Hopefully I'll be able to figure out where changeState is being set to
'true' and why it isn't being reset.

Before I go and do all of this, does anyone else have any tips/ideas
for debugging this?


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