[mythtv-users] nuvexport fails to run anymore

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sat Jul 23 13:27:44 EDT 2005

ok, just a word of note about this.  It was finally brought to my 
attention that atrpms is using mjpegtools 1.6.3pre1 because 1.6.2 does 
not compile under the new gcc.  It's likely that other distros/packagers 
have done the same.

This version of yuvdenoise apparently does not work.  When you pass it 
-h, it returns:

    INFO: [yuvdenoise]  Usage of the denoiser (very brief this time... :)
    INFO: [yuvdenoise]  will be fixed ASAP...
    INFO: [yuvdenoise]  -Y [n]   spatial Y-filter-threshold
    INFO: [yuvdenoise]  -U [n]   spatial U-filter-threshold
    INFO: [yuvdenoise]  -V [n]   spatial V-filter-threshold
    INFO: [yuvdenoise]  -y [n]   temporal Y-filter-threshold
    INFO: [yuvdenoise]  -u [n]   temporal U-filter-threshold
    INFO: [yuvdenoise]  -v [n]   temporal V-filter-threshold

Notice the first two lines..  The manpage still lists all of the "old" 
cli options (some of which are rather necessary), which is of course no 

So, for the time being (meaning, until it's fixed), I have added a 
yuvdenoise version check to nuvexport that disables denoise mode in 
ffmpeg (alerting you, of course) if you're running yuvdenoise that 
reports itself as version 1.6.3pre1.


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