[mythtv-users] Fixing my "no data" problem in EPG

Pat Vaughan patrick_a_vaughan at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 23 10:08:38 EDT 2005

I'm a noobie, but have you setup mythfilldatabase in cron?  If so, maybe
the cron job isn't working correctly.  Try running mythfilldatabase from
the command line and see if it populates the database.  On my connection,
it takes FOREVER to download the channel guide data.

That it works after resetting the database suggests that the database and
mtyh setup is good, just the database isn't getting populated.

> My EPG (TV Guide) shows "no data" for a large number of channels when
> viewing further that 2 days into the future. So far, I've been
> correcting this by doing the following:
> - run "mythtvsetup"
> - erase program data when prompted (DO NOT erase capture card settings)
> - create Zap2It profile
> - assign to input
> - exit
> - run "mythfilldatabase"
> I will then have EPG data for all channels for 12-14 days. But day by
> day, this dwindles down until there is only 2 days of data for most
> channels. Any idea how to fix this?
> I am running MythTV 16.1, FC1, using Datadirect.
> Thanks for any insights anyone has.
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