[mythtv-users] Re: Newbie Program Guide Setup Help

LKO lkomage at bellsouth.net
Fri Jul 22 22:38:54 EDT 2005

"Why do people climb mountains?"
"Because the mountains are there."

Whew! For a moment there I thought the folly of challenging myself 
was going to be pointed out. After all, why not just get an Off-the-
shelf TIVO and be done with it?

All joking aside, there is merit in the idea of placing the MythTV 
"nearer the source", so to speak. Those channelplus modulators 
have pass-through on all their ports, so I could indeed hook the 
4DTV effectively to another port on the PVR-250. That would solve 
the problem for the short term.

'Cause I'm not giving up on the idea! The whole bit with the 
modulators was to merge the local stations, a 4DTV, an MPEG2 
receiver, another satellite receiver, several security cameras, and 
other stuff, into something I could distribute housewide easily. I 
know that once I figure out enough about how MythTV controls 
things, I will be able to get it to record from anything on that coax, 
and to be able to control the satellite receivers. I just need some 
knowledge, to minimize the chances of me wrecking the working 
system trying to figure this out.....

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