[mythtv-users] PVR 500MCE worth the trouble yet?

Garry Cook garrycook at gmail.com
Fri Jul 22 15:42:55 EDT 2005

On 7/22/05, Jurgen Kramer <gtm.kramer at inter.nl.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> The PVR 500MCE's price is getting nicer and nicer and I am thinking
> about getting one. I currently use 2 PVR 250s without problems. Is it
> worth the hassle buying a 500MCE and tossing out one of the 250s?

Why would you toss out one of the 250s? Not enough PCI slots? 

> Can the 500 be mixed with a 250?
> Jurgen
I was running my box with a PVR500MCE, PVR250MCE, and PVR250 for about
a month before my MB went belly-up. Replaced the MB the other day and
I'm back on track, except for the fact that one of my tuners has jerky
video and no sound.
I had this issue when I first installed the 500, and it took me a few
hours to track it down and fix it. Unfortunately, I don't remember
what the problem was, because it took me a while to get my new MB and
get the box back up. I'll have to search the archives for my old

IMHO, the PVR500 is definitely ready for prime time. If I can get it
working, anyone should be able to. I'm not sure why folks keep
referring to it and the 150 as 'difficult'. Using Jarod's guide mine
was working flawlessly over a month ago.
Should you decide to take the plunge, once it works, I would stick
with the ivtv driver that you have it working with, or be prepared to
roll-back to the existing version if an upgrade has unexpected


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