[mythtv-users] How to delete channels in bulk?

Matt Goebel matt at goebelnet.com
Fri Jul 22 11:19:29 EDT 2005

Do you use Datadirect (Zap2it)?   If so all you have to do is login there via the website, modify the channel line up for your source, and you won't
get the excluded channels.  I don't know how this works if you've got a program schedule with programs setup to record already, I deleted my sources
then modified my line up and re-added them.  Once you do that you won't get the unwanted channels again.

> I am sure this has been replied to before but when I delete the channels
> from the SQL db they seem to creep back up the next time a program fetch
> is executed. If I deleted them from the web interface the same thing.
> The only thing that seems to stick is through mythsetup but it is
> impossible to delete all 700-800 using the remote, I will go insane way
> before that. Who can help?
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> mp> The real test is when the wife or other family members start using
> mp> it and my box has successfully passed that test.  So far, my box
> In my house, the test is that with the added consideration of doing it
> for someone who has been using TiVo for several years.  Anybody made
> that leap?
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