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Nicolás Vartabedian nvartabedian at evolution.com.uy
Fri Jul 22 07:41:41 EDT 2005

In my case I have a PVR-250, that does not function with xawtv because 
is not v4l compatible.
What I did is a script to scan all frequencies while watching with mythtv.
You can do it that way.
Run mythtv and select watch TV.
Probably only static is what you will see.
In a shell, try using ivtvctl -f XXXX to change frequencies... (Now I 
don't have my PC so I am  answering on what I remember. Perhaps the 
parameter is -r instead of -f) Please try one or another.
I am still having the issue that I cannot manually configure mythtv to 
apply this freq's when I change channels using mythtv. I have to 
manually change the frequency via a shell script to view another 
channel. I hope someone could  help me to solve that issue.


Pshem Kowalczyk wrote:

>Just for the record,
>>1. There is no grabber for my country (New Zealand), but there is an
>>xmltv file with programmes. But how do I enter the frequencies for
>>every channel?
>The easiest way is to use xawtv - tune it and then import the channels
>using mythfilldatabase.
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