[mythtv-users] mpeg2 "cleanup" filters?

Marius Schrecker masch at tiscali.no
Fri Jul 22 03:44:01 EDT 2005


 Does anyone know if it's possible to "clean-up" poor analogue TV using
a Haupauge pvr card?  TVTime seemed to do a pretty good job with a bttv
based card, but I'm anticipating problems with the new setup using mplayer
to play the mpeg stream.

I have poor reception on one (much viewed) channel. With a fair bit of tweaking
at the TV, and using a masthead amp I get good results now with the signal
going directly to the tv, but I'm guessing that the Hauppauge card will
not do such a good job on its own.

Any comments/suggestions?


Registered Linux user

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