[mythtv-users] Segmentation fault playing recorded video

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Fri Jul 22 03:08:00 EDT 2005

Marc Tousignant wrote:

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>>On 7/21/05, ffrr <ffrr at tpg.com.au> wrote:
>>>I am getting this when playing a particular recorded show, at about the
>>>same time into the show it segmentation faults.  Various errors display
>>>(this seems to happen most of the time on any show I have recorded) but
>>>then it faults and mythfrontend just disappears.
>Might want to try a build from svn first to make sure it is not already
>fixed. I remember a bug report that was fixed at the end of last month....
>Found it http://mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-commits/2005-June/006368.html
>This person had a "slightly defective recording" that would also crash
Thanks to both of you for the input.   Right now, my system is built 
from rpm, so recompiling isn't easy.  However, I have been thinking for 
a while that I need to set up a development area where I can compile the 
later versions.  This may be the prod I need to get it done. :-) That 
bug does sound very similar to what I experienced.   

One other thing, I just realised might be causing it, is that I just 
purchased a new 250 GB drive and replaced my older one that I was using 
for myth recording.  I formatted the new one with XFS, and now I read 
about a few problems with XFS in the archives.  I don't recall any 
problems before changing to XFS.    Also I found another recording that 
is causing mythfrontend to crash.  That's 2 too many :-).   So I just 
reformatted the HD back to ext3 to see if it makes any difference.

If the problems continue I will try to compile a later version.

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