[mythtv-users] HD Television, Multiple NICs

Mike Green mikey at linuxwiz.org
Fri Jul 22 01:02:55 EDT 2005

I have a couple of problems that I hope someone else has already solved...

First, does anyone have any idea how to get X/Myth to use all of the screen 
real estate on a high defintion televsion?  I recently purchased a sony 
wega KD-30XS955, I would really like to be able to get the full 16:9 aspect 
ratio out of it.  I cannot find any resolution specs in the manual or via 
the web.  Anyone figured this out?

Second problem...  My backend is connected to the network via a wireless 
connection.  The connection is too poor to use a frontend over the air.  My 
solution is to plug directly into the backend via a crossover cable between 
the ethernet ports on the laptop and the backend.  The only problem is that 
by doing this, my backend will now need to work on two separate IP 
addresses.  The wireless card that the backend setup points to is, the 2nd network card is  When running the 
frontend on a laptop ( and pointing to the 2nd interface on the 
backend (, no program listings show up.  I assume this is 
because all programs are recorded under the hostname/ip address of the 1st 
interface (  Is there any way to get this to work?  Having 
dual nics on the backend?

Thanks in advance for any tips....
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