[mythtv-users] Set up name instead of ip for myth server

Nick Rout nick at rout.co.nz
Fri Jul 22 00:25:36 EDT 2005

> I was just wondeirng if anybody could tell me or point me to a how to  
> guide on how to set up my machine with a domain. What I mean is that  
> instead of people inside the LAN having to type in the ip of the  
> server it would be nice if they could just type in http://mythbox/ or  
> somethign to that extent. I know that one way to do it is by altering  
> the hosts file but I would rather set up a dns so that all the  
> computers use it and then it resolves outside queries using the ISP's  
> dns. Thanks for the help.
> Daniel


or http://justfuckinggoogleit.com/search.pl?query=dns+setup+linux
Nick Rout

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