[mythtv-users] Newbie Program Guide Setup Help

LKO lkomage at bellsouth.net
Fri Jul 22 00:14:51 EDT 2005

Gads, what in the world caused that?! It must have been me 
composing that post in Notepad, and cut&pasting it into my 
emailer.... Let me try that again......
Ok, hopefuly someone can help a newbie at least know if this is 
even possible, or if I've gone about this the wrong way!

First, here's the background:
	I've got MythTV 0.18.1 running with a PVR-250.
	I've got two Zap2It lineups, one for a 4DTV, and one for 
local TV.
	The only input currently in use on the PVR-250 is the coax 
in. That gets me the local stations, PLUS channel 46, which is 
actually the 4DTV receiver. I have a couple of stereo multi-port 
modulators that I use to turn video/audio inputs into unused 
antenna channels.

In myth-setup, here's what I've done so far:
	Set up the PVR-250 as the capture card.
	Defined two video sources: Antenna, and 4DTV. The 
antenna source is set up to pull the local TV listing lineup off 
Zap2it. The 4DTV source is set to pull the 4DTV lineup off Zap2it. 
The other video source settings I've left at their defaults.
	Under input connections, I've connected the Antenna 
source to the Tuner input of the PVR-250. I haven't connected the 
4DTV source to anything, since it technically is part of the antenna.
	Within the Channel Editor, a created a new channel called 
		Channel Name: 4DTV
		Channel Number: 46
		Callsign: 4DTV
		Visible: checked
		Video source: Antenna
		XMLTV ID: default (nothing)
		Frequency ID: 46
	Everything else I left at their defaults (blank usually).

Now, at this point, watching Live TV works fine. The antenna 
channels show up fine, and when I go to channel 46, whatever is 
currently on the 4DTV receiver appears, like it should. On the 
Program Guide, both the local TV and 4DTV listings appear. So far 
so good.

Tuning and recording a local TV station works fine from the Guide. 
The problem is when I attempt to use the guide to tune to or record 
something off the 4DTV. Now, I know that until I get an IR blaster 
working and an external tuning program going, I can't have Myth 
change the channel on the 4DTV reciever. At first, I'd just like to get 
it so that I can use the Guide to at least record something off the 

If I go to channel 46 on the Guide, which is the channel the 4DTV is 
on, it shows "Unknown" as it's only listing, which makes sense. 
BUT, if I try to set any sort of manual scheduled recording for 
channel 46, MythTV refuses to schedule the recording. I have not 
been able to convince MythTV to record at all from channel 46. 
This kinda-sorta makes sense, since channel 46 is "unknown" to the 
Guide, but why can't I at least tell it to record channel 46 from some 
time to another time? I have also tried to set up manual recording 
off channel 46, to no avail.

I have also tried to select a program off the 4DTV listings in the 
Guide. In this case, it appears to go through the motions of setting 
up the scheduled, or manual recording, but in the end it comes up 
"no scheduled recordings". This makes more sense than it failing to 
record channel 46, since the Guide doesn't know to switch to 
channel 46 to record or watch a 4DTV channel.

So, in a nutshell, and at the very least, how do I get MythTV to 
record a 4DTV show? Is there some unknown-to-me machinations I 
can do through MySQL to fix the Guide or something? What I'd 
really like is to be able to fix the Guide so that if I select a 4DTV 
channel, it will tune the tuner to channel 46. I can get the 
IR/external program thing working later (one step at a time).

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