[mythtv-users] channel lineups all wrong

Bruce Pennypacker bruce at pennypacker.org
Thu Jul 21 22:27:46 EDT 2005

Hi all,

I'm putting the finishing touches on my mythtv box which has both a 
HD-3000 and a WinTV PVR-350 in it, and I'm using the LxM channel guide 
data.  I've set up 2 different lineups, one for digital cable that 
covers what my HD-3000 receives and one for analog cable to go with the 
PVR-350.  When I set up the HD-3000 the channel data matched up 
perfectly fine, but the channel data for the PVR-350 looks completely 
wrong.  I'm not sure why it's wrong but when I pick a channel to 
watch/record the guide data is completely wrong.

I've been searching around for any information on how to go about fixing 
up the channel lineup but haven't had any luck.  I'm guessing I'll need 
to adjust the xmltvid values in the channel table, but how do I 
determine what the values correspond to?  I don't see them referenced 
anywhere else that I've looked.  I've tried playing around with 
mythfilldatabase, like using the --manual flag, but it doesn't do what 
it claims.  It says "This will ask you questions about every channel" 
but it doesn't ask me anything...


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