[mythtv-users] Ready for use?

Monkey Pet monkeypet at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 17:51:55 EDT 2005

The real test is when the wife or other family members start using it
and my box has successfully passed that test.  So far, my box has had
no fatal problems excepts for ones that I induce by upgrading or
mucking with it.  I also have installed boxes for friends who knew
nothing about linux admin and they are currently happy with it.  Once
you get through initial setup, it should be clear sailing from there.

On 7/21/05, Chris Lopeman <lopemanc at swbell.net> wrote:
>  Is anybody successfully using mythTV on a regular basis?  I just don't want
> to put something together that is going to have problems with basic
> functionality every other day.  Or is gonna work but look like crap on my
> TV.

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