[mythtv-users] pcHDTV 3000: Questions from a MythTV newbie

blrogers at ieee.org blrogers at ieee.org
Thu Jul 21 12:14:32 EDT 2005

   I've been scanning the archives of this list for
quite some time now and I had a few questions
regarding the pcHDTV 3000 and it's compatibility with
Myth on Fedora Core 3.
   I've compiled the drivers xine-hd (comes with the
pcHDTV card) and tested HDTV reception and NTSC
reception.  Both work great.  I used xine to test the
HDTV (ATSC) signals and tvtime to test NTSC.  I am
using the v4l drivers, not the DVB drivers for reasons
I'll discuss in a second.
   When I load the v4l drivers (modprobe cx88_atsc)
the cx88xx drivers (NTSC) load as well as the ATSC
drivers.  This creates several devices (duh), namely
/dev/vbi0, /dev/video0, and (I think) /dev/audio0. 
The ATSC device is created as /dev/video1.  To get
xine to recognize /dev/video1 as the ATSC driver, I
made a symbolic link to /dev/video1 called /dev/dtv. 
This works great.  However, when I try to set up Myth
to read this card (I am using Myth 0.18.1), the ATSC
card is not recognized.  I can set up NTSC, but if I
erase all those card settings and try to set up an
ATSC card, mythsetup just tells me that it couldn't
find inputs for the device (I know that they are
there, though, because xine works great).  I have
tried to every possible combination of Global TV
settings (NTSC with standard TV, ATSC with HDTV, NTSC
with HDTV, etc), just on a whim that it might work.  
  So why am I not using the DVB drivers?  When I load
the pcHDTV DVB drivers (modprobe cx88_dvb), several
devices are created (/dev/dvb0.dvr0,
/dev/dvb0.frontend0, etc).  However, I don't know how
to use these devices and none of the programs from
interpreting DVB seem to recognize or even look for
these devices.  Since, I could test and the v4l
drivers and confirm that they work, I went that route.
  My system is built on the default FC3 load (kernel
2.6.9), one pcHDTV card, nVidia FX 5200, 2.8 GHz HT
pentium 4, if that helps.  I guess my real question is
what MythTV is looking for to discover the v4l ATSC
driver and if I should be using DVB drivers, how
should I configure them?  I installed Myth with the
RPMs available on atrpms (myth-suite package).
  If anyone could clear up the confusion that I'm
having, that would be great!  I would hate to have to
spend the time to rig up a pseudo-PVR replacement.


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