[mythtv-users] Burned to DVD, plays 4:3 in DVD players, but 16:9 in MythTV, how do I get it letterboxed?

Stuart Morgan stuart at tase.co.uk
Thu Jul 21 09:59:57 EDT 2005

On Thu 21 July 2005 14:14, ffrr wrote:
> >Although this ability is enabled on the DVD it is usually controlled by
> > the DVD player. Check the options for your standalone player just for
> > interest.
> I can do that, but would be reluctant to change it, as commercial DVD's
> play letterboxed.  I'd like to make the ones I burn be the same as the
> commercial ones so I don't have to change the DVD player's settings each
> time.

You shouldn't have to change the player settings frequently - the commercial 
DVDs won't play any differently with letterbox mode. They are already forcing 
the player to that mode by disallowing pan&scan. (As I understand it)

Commercial DVD manufacturers disable Pan&Scan flags on their DVDs because some 
customers complained that parts of the image were cut-off - the customers 
weren't aware that they could change the setting on their machines.

> Sounds like a good place to start.  I never knew that the DVD could
> determine whether the player could pan&scan or not.  Lot's to learn...

It's the other way around - the player checks to see what is allowed by the 

Pan&Scan/Letterbox are purely player-side features - but a player will 
generally honour the nopanscan or noletterbox flags on the DVD if they have 
been set.

It is a little intrusive for the film to tell the player how the content 
should be displayed imho - but that's how Hollywood likes it :)
Stuart Morgan

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