[mythtv-users] recording live TV

Ricardo Kleemann ricardo at americasnet.com
Thu Jul 21 09:57:48 EDT 2005

Thank you, Robert.

> On 19/07/05, Ricardo Kleemann <ricardo at americasnet.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'm trying to use "R" to begin recording the currently playing video,
> > when I press R, it simply displays R "" on top, it doesn't really start
> > recording. Nothing shows up in the "Previously Recorded" section. Maybe
> > mythtv doesn't have the program information, so it doesn't assign a name
> > the recording? The video source I have setup is with DataDirect, but I'm
> > getting errors retrieving lineups (I get "401 Unauthorized" on the http
> > request). But in any case, even though DataDirect is not pulling in
> > what I'm currently connected to is a DVD player, which obviously is not
> > related to any listings. How can I use "R" as a one-touch record
> Well, first point is that you *NEED* your grabber working. With
> DataDirect you will get TWO status responses. The first is a "401
> Unauthorized", followed by a "200 OK". If you get this, then
> everything it working fine. If not, check your subscription details,
> and remember that it is CaSe sEnSiTiVe!!

I setup my DataDirect subscription a couple of months ago, and I am certain
I'm using the correct username/pw, but for some reason it doesn't seem to be
working. Where exactly do I go again, to check the subscription details?

> Next, you really shouldn't be using Myth to capture from DVD in this
> way, as it's not what Myth is meant for. If you want a DVD on your
> system you should use MythVideo, which has an in-built DVD ripper for
> backing up your DVD's (If you can't play encrypted DVD's on your linux
> box, there is a 3rd-party library you need to install. Mail me direct
> for more info)

I'm only using the DVD right now in order to test the S-Video capture, it's
the easiest way I have since I simply plug in the DVD player's S-video out
into the PVR-150. So it's not that I'm trying to capture DVD per se, it's
just my way of testing.

> > Another thing is I have to run alsactl everytime I start Watch TV, it
> > to reset the volume so I need to run alsactl to restore the settings I
> > Is there a way to do this automatically?
> How about setting Myth to use ALSA (If you haven't already) instead of
> OSS, and setting the volume preferences inside Myth to the right
> values.

Great... :-)  Sorry for the ignorance, I'm still very new to this. How do I
configure myth for alsa, and where do I set the volume preferences?

Thanks again

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