[mythtv-users] Burned to DVD, plays 4:3 in DVD players, but 16:9 in MythTV, how do I get it letterboxed?

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Thu Jul 21 08:23:53 EDT 2005

I used ffmpeg to prepare an mpeg file, source has 16:9 aspect ratio, 
into DVD format, then used dvdauthor to create a file structure as per a 
mythtv howto

      dvdauthor -o DVD 1.mpg

      dvdauthor -T -o DVD 

then I burned the file structure to a DVD using K3B in video DVD mode.

The resulting disc plays in a standalone DVD player, but shows full 
screen on the normal TV that its plugged into, just showing a 4:3 aspect 
ratio, and missing the left and right hand sides.. 

In MythTV the DVD disc plays in 16:9 (with black bands above and below 
on my PC monitor).  I want it to play this way on a normal TV and DVD 
player too, i.e. to play letterboxed like most commercial DVDs do on 
that same equipment.

Can anyone suggest what I need to change?

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