[mythtv-users] Re: MythShyte One unhappy customer (John

Kevin Saenz ksaenz at gmail.com
Wed Jul 20 20:48:09 EDT 2005


Wow impressive hardware. What distro were you using? so that I won't use it.
When you installed linux did you select the smp kernel option? What
window manager did you use? What ripping software were you using to
rip DVDs?

Because when I rip dvds using the myth interface. I don't go and watch
a show in myth.

Funny you are comparing 2 different hardware. Why haven't you got MCE
running on the dual PIII? I have Myth running on XP2800 with 512 meg
of ram and a fusion HDTV card, with Audigy2 card. I don't have any
problems with viewing TV, or dripping my dvds or music.

Your problem is laughable you are comparing apples and oranges. If we
were to value your point of view compare apples with apples.

> Hi,
> Actually I'll throw in some useful facts.  I did have
> a dual PIII-550 system with 2gigs of ram running
> mythtv with a software encoder card.  I found from a
> system perspective that I could get good live tv off
> the following specs:
> MPEG4 encoding
> bitrate      4000 (scaled)
> Capture at:  320x240  (?don't remember these settings)
> mpg audio encoding, quality 7
> (no features turned on)
> If my system wasn't loaded then I could do live
> TV/pause/etc.  The OSD was a little slow to pop up.
> Screen wise, I would see Mpeg4 artifacts.  Now, please
> bear in mind that this system was also my server
> (file, web, mysql, and development box).  By Nicing
> -19 my mythbackend and making sure i didn't load up
> too many processes things were okay.  However, if I
> tried to do a compile or rip more then 1 DVD at a time
> (all at nice +19) then the system would stutter all
> over the place.  I also noticed that I could run
> RTJPEG with out much cpu loading on this machine...
> but ran into soo many IO  bound issues that it
> effectively strangled the machine.... so I'd do the
> Mpeg4, just turn down the capture size significantly
> and you should be okay.
> I'm now running an MCE150 card in another machine
> doing video capture.  The quality is worlds better
> then the software encoding card in an XP2400
> box...file sizes are much larger, but over all its a
> better experience.
> -Chuck

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