[mythtv-users] Myth tv ready for FC-4 ?

Todd Bailey toddb at toddbailey.net
Wed Jul 20 14:27:54 EDT 2005

I can't say exactly why I am having as many issues FC3 as I have,  FC1 and 
FC2 were quite stable for me as were RH 7, 8, and 9.
But of all the Redhat products I've used in the past FC3 has been a real 
problem child for me.
Perhaps I should revert to RH 8 or 9.  While I can't exactly say myth is a 
mission critical system, I would like to have 95% up time.
I only have tried to install myth on FC3 which is pretty much where the 
problems began.
It could be that I have a knack for breaking things, I do after all have 
several years of software testing experience.
Or it could be that the installation guides have a bit ambiguity contained 
in them.
Or it could be that FC-x and myth are not fully developed and bug free 
Then again if could be any combination of the above. But probably most 
likely is operator error.

In any event, the current install is highly unstable and instead of spending 
days researching the issues, the path of lesser resistance and time spent is 
a reformat or partition and install of the OS.

The question remains, fc3 or fc4 for myth?

I'm opting for fc4.

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> On Wed, July 20, 2005 12:36 pm, Todd Bailey said:
>> OK, once again, and right on schedule fc-3 is corrupted beyond anything
>> but
>> a full reinstall.
>> I am wondering since fc-4 had been out for a while I might as well burn
>> the
>> cd's and upgrade to the latest.
>> Is myth fc4 ready, meaning it will install what it's needs to run or will
>> I
>> have to recompile a fair bit of code to get a install completed?
>> Any gotchas to avoid ?
> I've got to ask, what do you mean by fc-3 being corrupted? I've never in
> all my years of working with linux servers and desktops had a machine get
> corrupted to the point of needing to re-install, especially any of the FC
> releases.  I'm running a fc-2 box that was upgraded from fc-1 as a
> server/workstation/hack & test/you-name-it machine. I've used yum and
> apt-get, switched repositories, added stuff from source, etc. and it's
> perfectly stable (up 130+ days now with heavy usage). The only reason I'm
> even considering a re-install or upgrade is due to fc-2 moving into legacy
> status.
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