[mythtv-users] OpenGL vsync

Joe Votour joevph at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 20 13:03:10 EDT 2005

If it's not in the list of GLX extensions reported,
then the driver doesn't support it.  In that case, it
needs to be added to the Unichrome driver.

Whether or not the Unichrome hardware supports it, I
don't know.

This is why when I wrote the description text for the
OpenGL VSync option in mythfrontend, I explicitly
stated that it may not work with all video card/driver
combinations.  It's pretty much only guaranteed to be
semi-reliable with nVidia hardware and nVidia binary
drivers, and nothing else.  :)

-- Joe

--- Asher Schaffer <freedenizen at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 7/20/05, Tom Hughes <tom at compton.nu> wrote:
> > Your driver has not declared OpenGl video sync
> support, so Myth is not
> > able to use it. That's what "GLX Video Sync
> extension not present" is
> > trying to tell you.
> > 
> > If your drive did support it then you would see
> GLX_SGI_video_sync in
> > the list of GLX extensions that it reported.
> > 
> > Tom
> Okay, thanks, that's what I thought, but I couldn't
> find anything
> online about it.  Does anyone know if this just
> isn't implemented in
> the unichrome drivers, or if there is just a problem
> on my machine?
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