[mythtv-users] N00b question about video playback

Erich Beckmann void at gourmetgeek.com
Wed Jul 20 09:26:30 EDT 2005

   I have 0.18.1 running on a Dual PIII 550 with ~720MB of ram and A 
Geforce2 Pro card using its TV out.
   When I try to playback a lot of my movie files, the playback is very 
jerky. Is there somewhere I can look to tweak the settings of Mplayer to 
get the playback to be smoother? OR What is the recommended way to go 
about configuring the string to launch Mplayer?
    The thing is, I know divx and xvid playback was never this crappy 
when I had this box running Windows. I'd like to make it perform at 
least that well.

Thank You,

Erich Beckmann - blackhole account
void at gourmetgeek.com

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