[mythtv-users] IP TV support on the agenda?

Marius Schrecker masch at tiscali.no
Wed Jul 20 07:11:28 EDT 2005

Is this something that the individual ISP's are providing or are the streaming
services freely available? I've not yet been able to track down much IPTV
of interest.


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>Subject: [mythtv-users] IP TV support on the agenda?
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Where I'm at (Sweden), many ISP's are pushing customers to get the TV over
ethernet/dsl the quality seams to be as good/better than DVB, and many (most)

channels are availible. Normally a bunch of channels can be received at
same time w
>thout choking the IP connection, which allows for simulaneous 
recording and watching.

This seams like the perfect solution; get TV without hardware, rapid channel

change, no problem with reception etc etc. Apart from that there seams to
>support for this in Myth? Or is there? (someone working on this?)

  - Micael

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