[mythtv-users] Font in menu's is too small

ffrr ffrr at tpg.com.au
Wed Jul 20 03:15:49 EDT 2005

Allan Stirling wrote:

> How many bad answers are we gonna get here?

Dunno :-)

> In xorg.conf, or your local equivalent, you need to add in the monitor 
> section:
> Section "Monitor"
>    DisplaySize 270 202
> ... Where the two values are the X and Y sizes that give you a DPI of 
> 100 in
> xdpyinfo  |grep resolution
> Which also tells me that I've got it all wrong - I'm showing 75 DPI. 
> Back to the drawing board... :)
> Cheers,
> Allan.
> ________________

Well, when one theme has fonts that are too small (or big), but others 
are OK, it seems to me that you have to alter the font size of the one 
that's wrong.    In general,  font point sizes should be fixed and not 
dependant on resolution settings, so once the DPI is set correctly, you 
need to alter the font size to get it to the size you can read easily :-)

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